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November 2, 2012
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COMBO-LOCK : Junpei by Byunnie COMBO-LOCK : Junpei by Byunnie

[Name] Junpei Sato
[Nickname] Jun
[Level] 1
[Age] 16
[DOB] December 12
[Gender] Male
[Race] Human
[Division] Student of West Cauraha High

Quote(s): “ That's cute"


Sensitive/strong feminine side- Junpei's big personality quirk is that he is overly sensitive and strongly relishes what would be considered feminine or girly activities. In the privacy of his own home, he owns a large collection of pink stuffed animal bunnies, an apron in which he cooks in regularly, and sewing supplies (as he likes to accessorize and change/repair his own clothes). He is very private about this side of him, since he fears criticism from his peers about it, but enjoys his interests shamelessly when he is alone.
This being said, he is often overly sensitive about situations, in school or at home and tends to over react or over think things.
Social/talkative - Junpei is known for being a social butterfly at West Cauraha high. He talks with everyone and anyone who is willing to strike up a conversation. He usually tends to stay reserved about his secret feminine interests ( Cooking, pink things, toys, etc) but will talk about just about anything else. This usually tends to lead to him telling other people… things they don't necessarily need to know.
Aloof - He's very confident, and has let his "cute looks" go to his head a bit. He often has an air to think he's better than everyone else, and acts a bit stuck up at times.
Critical- He is very critical of others, in any regard. Usually in respects to grades or appearance, and can often come off harshly, but he generally has others best interests when he criticizes. Or, he at least tries to keep that in mind.

-Pink things
-Looking nice

-Being unorganized
-The dark


Junpei grew up strongly relying on his own independence. Even though his family was well endowed financially, his parents were often away on business trips and worked long hours to maintain their wealthy status. Jun's home was always catered to by maids and butlers, but he still preferred teaching himself how to do things on his own (like repairing his clothes, or making himself meals when he was hungry). He really enjoyed these hobbies, as they made him feel a little less lonely (especially when he was baking with his stuffed Rabbit Pri-chan). However, whenever his father found him cooking or sewing, he was scolded severely, because it was "not manly" to do things like that. Junpei ended up keeping these hobbies to himself, or just practiced them when he was alone, which was of course often because his parents were always working.
When it came time for Junpei to attend highschool, of course his parents refused to let him go anywhere else beside West Cahura high. Junpei didn't really have a preference at the time where he went to school, but he did insist on getting his own apartment closer to the school. He reasoned it was because it was closer, and the walk was tiresome, but he really just wanted to practice his hobbies in peace.
After moving into his apartment and begun attending school, he was able to practice cooking, sewing and collecting cute plushes to his hearts content. Of course, due to his fathers disapproval of his skills, he prefers to keep his hobbies to the perimeters of his home, and wears an aloof, cool attitude at school, masking his feminine interests.

-Businessman, director of one of the departments at a major Electronics firm.
-Japanese heritage
-Retired actress

-almost always has his nails painted, generally black.
-likes to wear hair clips, he thinks they look "cool"
-LOVES to cosplay. But will never admit it.


Prior Ownership: Stuffed rabbit that he received from his mother, he named it "pri-chan"
Store Bought:

[Log Sequence]

Contract Availability:  Available

Powers: n/a

Weapon:  n/a

Health: 172
Magic: 20
Attack: 100
Defense: 58
Speed: 150


[etc] ----
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ltzel Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what an adorable thing alkajlkjlskhslk

I am joining this group as well so I hope to maybe meet this shota
MangoStickyRice Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconpapcryplz: why has I never seen this cutie boy before
my poor son...
We can't log into the chatrooms //tumbleweed passes

Kruzack Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats on joining :dummy:
Aaaah he is too cute. I love his hair~
:iconamgplz: He is so cute <3
BananaBread9112 Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You know I can't wait to rp with this darling ;D
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